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Managing Your Lower Back Pain Dallas Tx

If you are experiencing chronic low back pain, you know just how debilitating it can be. Everyday activities become more of a challenge, and recreational activities are limited due to the severity of pain. Low back pain, unfortunately, is a common complaint simply because there are so many causes. At some point, it is likely […]

Water Consumption and Spinal Disc Health Dallas Tx

When you experience back pain or spinal pain, many thoughts come to mind about what is at the source. A pulled muscle, injury, misalignment, and many other causes are most likely on the list of culprits regarding the origin of back pain. But did you know that dehydration could be the reason you are experiencing […]

Common Conditions That Cause Knee Pain Dallas

Anyone who suffers from regular knee pain knows just how debilitating it can be. Not only does it hurt with every step you take, but simple movements like twisting and turning can cause more damage making your recovery time even longer. There are several different conditions that can cause knee pain. Some are caused by […]

Is Chiropractic Care Safe? Dallas
More and more people are turning to chiropractic treatments to alleviate pain and improve their overall health and well-being. If you have issues with neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, joint pain, sciatica, elbow pain, and others, chiropractic care is a safe treatment to get you back doing the things you love. Not […]
Stretches to Relieve Back Pain Dallas Tx

If you’re suffering from back pain, there are ways to get relief right where you are. You can close your office door and take a few minutes to do five simple stretches that can offer immediate relief. Cat-Cow Start by getting on your hands and knees, being careful to balance the weight evenly between your […]

Migraine Relief Through Chiropractic Care Dallas Tx

If you have a headache, the occasional, frequent or throbbing pain can cause nausea and frustration. While some common remedies include resting, popping pills, or pushing through it, chiropractic care has been proven to help reduce the effects of migraines in the long-term. Migraine Triggers Although your migraine trigger is unique to your body, there […]

PRP for Androgenic Alopecia: A review of the study Dallas, TX

What is androgenic alopecia? While typically referred to as “male pattern baldness,” androgenic alopecia can affect people of either sex. Hair loss typically occurs in a pattern suggestive of the process of aging, with loss occurring at the hairline and top of the head. Treatment often consists of topical application of minoxidil or finasteride to […]

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Chiropractic Visit Dallas, TX

Chiropractic care is largely focused on spinal manipulation in order to relieve stress on joints throughout the body. Beyond that, chiropractors can treat areas of the body where joints exist, including knees, hips and jawbones, all in an effort to improve alignment and functions within the body. Natural Pain Relief Chiropractic care serves as an […]

Erectile Dysfunction: What You Need To Know Dallas, TX

If you have trouble getting and/or maintaining an erection, combined with reduced sexual desire, then you may be suffering from erectile dysfunction. This can be a terribly distressing situation for any man, and while having occasional erection troubles is likely no big deal, when it happens regularly it can cause a lot of stress and […]

Urinary Incontinence Continued Dallas, TX

You may have seen reports on the effectiveness of platelet-rich plasma injections, but did you know that they have applications beyond assisting with cosmetic issues like wrinkles and joint pain? The all-natural medical technology actually has a number of tremendously impactful uses, including addressing urinary incontinence. Here’s how it works: the doctor and the team […]

Female Urinary Incontinence Dallas, TX

Is urinary incontinence a widespread problem among females? If you look at the statistics, it is overwhelmingly obvious that the issue is related to gender. While the disease affects more than 200 million people worldwide, 75-80 percent of those affected in the United States are women. The disease is twice as common in women as […]

What You Need to Know About Stem Cell Therapy Dallas, TX

If you’re trying to alleviate pain, you’ve probably heard about the option of stem cell therapy for pain and other conditions. What you may not have heard about is a form of cellular therapy that has the ability to take the place of invasive surgery and habit-forming medications. Before you decide what the best path […]

Non-Opioid Pain Management Options Dallas, TX

When pain dictates your life, you’ll do almost anything to relieve it. For too many people, this includes addictive pain medication, and, as we know, this has contributed to the opioid crisis. Managing pain without opioids is possible. Regenerative medicine is one path that shows great promise. It is an all-natural way to treat back […]

Platelet Rich Plasma Offers Women Relief to Urinary Incontinence Dallas, TX

Urinary incontinence in women is defined as the unintentional loss of urine, and occurs more often in women than in men. Pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause are often contributing factors. Millions of women experience urinary incontinence regardless of age. While older women are more often affected than younger women, it is not an inevitable fate as […]

Different Types of Stem Cells Dallas, TX

Often times stem cells are grouped together in terms of treatments. This is not an accurate representation, however, because there are many types of stem cell sources. Stem cells are found in all parts of the body and everyone has them at every age. The real difference in how stem cells perform is where they […]

Aren't Cellular Treatments painful Dallas, TX

There is a misconception that cellular treatments or regenerative medicine is painful. Regenerative medicine is actually one of the least painful treatment options available, and it comes with fewer risks and side effects than surgery. If you live with chronic or acute pain, there is no reason to add to your discomfort; consider cellular treatments […]

Spinal Decompression Dallas, Texas

Has your daily life become plagued by back or neck pain? Do you worry about the potential risks of surgery and the costs? If so, spinal decompression may be the right type of treatment for you. There are many reasons that you could have back or neck pain and they’re often types of pain that […]

Skin Rejuvenation Dallas, Texas

If you are curious about skin rejuvenation, you may have considered surgery or medications. Our doctors believe there is a more natural procedures to achieve the self-confidence you are looking for. We understand that appearance is important, and you want to feel good when looking in the mirror. As we age, our looks change, and […]

wrinkle reduction Dallas, TX

Wanting to look and feel good about what we see in the mirror is an important and natural instinct for most of us. As we age, our physical appearance changes and it is common to want to reverse or slow the aging process. However, as much as we want to look and feel younger, we […]

Types of Headaches and How to Prevent Them Dallas, Tx

Manage your headaches It is a fast paced life that we live today and we always try to squeeze-in our daily routine, into our hectic schedule. When your body is not adequately nourished, it starts complaining in the form of headaches. Headaches arise in many different forms and are mainly indicators that something is amiss […]

Staying Hydrated During Hot Summer Months Dallas, TX

When the temperatures rise, getting enough to drink is important whether you’re playing sports, traveling or just sitting in the sun. And it’s critical for your heart health. Keeping the body hydrated helps the heart more easily pump blood through the blood vessels to the muscles. And, it helps the muscles work efficiently. “If you’re […]

Foods That Can Help With Insomnia Dallas, TX

It seems we’re a nation of insomniacs. Nearly half of Americans suffer from at least occasional sleeplessness, and 22 percent experience it every (or almost every) night, according to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF). But what if all it took to improve your zzz’s was a few changes in your eating habits? The definitely scientific […]

Treating Diabetes at Apex Physical Medicine Dallas, TX

My work with Dr. Jade Malay and her staff at Apex Physical Medicine aimed to find out why my Diabetic sugar levels were so high and help me reduce those levels and overall health issues. I’m a 63 year old male who has been taking prescribed medicines since 2005 for this condition with no true […]

More Than Just Chair! Dallas, TX

The All Important Workplace Chair and Posture One of the most vital pieces of furniture in your life is the chair you sit in at work. Let’s face it, you are there at least 40+ hours a week which sums up to more than 2,080 hours in a year. They are usually purchased with office […]

Just Breathe Dallas, TX

A breathing exercise can be learned in minutes, some benefit immediately. Breathing is a necessity of life, with each breath if air you obtain oxygen and release the waste product carbon dioxide. Poor breathing habits diminish the flow of these gases to and from your body, making it harder for you to cope with stressful […]

Knee Pain Relief in Plano Dallas, TX

7 FDA Approved Non-Surgical Knee Pain Treatments in Plano Frequently becoming a long-term chronic condition that gets ignored, knee pain can make it difficult to get through the day due to limited mobility. This can lead to declined productivity and often frustration. Knee pain can stem from sports injuries, auto accidents, or everyday accidents. Letting […]

Low Back Pain Specialists in Plano Dallas, TX

Are you tired of Low Back Pain slowing you down? If you’re constantly dealing with chronic low back pain, you know how frustrating and debilitating it can be just performing everyday tasks. Shopping for groceries, goofing off with the family and kids, or even just standing up in the mornings becomes a major hassle. The […]

Low Testosterone? Dallas, TX

We are excited to announce our new program for Men’s Health! Low Testosterone is a common issue among men today and the cause can be as individual as the person. Many factors contribute to the decline of Testosterone, but you do not have to suffer the side effects any longer! If you have noticed an […]

First Responders Appreciation Dallas, TX

Check out this awesome offer for First Responders this month! It includes a 30 minute massage, wellness exam, and a whole week of wellness treatments! We want to honor the men and women who work so hard to keep our communities safe. Thank you for everything you do! Free wellness exam and treatments for first […]

Teacher Appreciation Month Dallas, TX

Well, this is Teacher Appreciation Week, but we have decided to honor teachers all month long! If you are a teacher or know of one who would love an entire week of pampering, then give us a call! Teachers work so hard for our kiddos and do not get enough credit for their long hours. […]

Solutions to Manage Chronic Pain Dallas, TX

According to the Institute of Medicine, acute and chronic pain affects at least 100 million U.S. adults, and its cost to the nation’s economy is estimated between $560 billion to $630 billion in direct medical costs and lost productivity. Back pain alone produces chronic disability in 1 percent of the U.S. population and is the […]

The Doctor Of the Future Will Give No Medicine Dallas, TX

"…but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.” – Thomas Edison Here at Apex Physical Medicine, we believe very strongly in healing, not covering symptoms with potentially harmful medications. Expensive medications are not your only option despite what you may have […]

Come by We Miss You Dallas, TX

This Is Getting Interesting… I saw this video from Google. Its all about Google’s new project from called “Google Glasses” and whether you’re afraid of new technology or it makes you giddy like a child, the things that are coming out continue to really “break the mold” when it comes to how we interact with […]

Low Thyroid Affects Numerous American Dallas, TX

Low thyroid (also called hypothyroidism) are common problems that affect many Americans. It is estimated that over 30 million Americans suffer from a thyroid disorder. Unfortunately, at least half of all Americans have not been diagnosed. The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland in the neck which regulates many bodily functions. Women in their mid-thirties are […]

Tension Headaches and Neck Pain Dallas Texas

Working behind a computer day-after-day can cause tension headaches and neck pain. Unfortunately, working for hours at a job may allow the opportunity to make a living but the cost could afford you persistent pain – particularly those tension headaches. Poor posture may cause neck curvatures because of the head pushed forward – ahead of […]

Knee Injuries Dallas, TX

Knee injuries are a common occurrence generally caused by fractures, dislocations, strains, sprains, tears, bursitis and overuse. Symptoms of knee injuries are swelling and pain. Depending on how severe and the type of injury will determine if treatment of physical therapy alone will work or if a procedure more serious like surgery is necessary. Below […]

Skin Complications of Diabetes Dallas, TX

Skin Complications Of Diabetes – Everyone has heard the phrase “the eyes are the window to the soul.” Well, skin may the window to gut health. Patients with psoriasis, dry skin, eczema, rosacea or other similar skin disorders, often have an unhealthy gut. Skin is like the lining of the gut turned inside out. Once […]

Neuropathy In The Feet Dallas, TX

Diabetes is one of the leading reasons patients develop nerve damage, also referred to as neuropathy. Neuropathy in the feet and hands presents itself as tingling, numbness, burning, or complete loss of feeling. Those sensations can develop into excruciating pain – becoming worse at night. The pain may be steady or intermittent. Furthermore, you could […]

American Diabetes Month Dallas, TX

Stop The Diabetes Disease Today! The American Diabetes Association has selected November as the awareness month of the disease. In the campaign they proclaiming that we need to “Stop Diabetes!” And that got me to thinking…The future is in your hands! My name is Dr. Jade Malay. I am a chiropractor with a practice in […]

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