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The process of recognition of civil invalidity consists of a health phase and an administrative phase.

The first is aimed at ascertaining the degree of Civil Disability, Civil Blindness, Deafness, Disability and Handicap on the basis of the minority of which the applicant is affected.

The second one is directed, subject to verification of the administrative requirements established by current legislation, to grant the benefits that the law reserves to citizens, in relation to the recognized invalidating state.

For economic benefits pertaining to INPS, a degree of disability of between 74% and 100% is required .

To this end we consider mutilated and invalids citizens with congenital disabilities or acquired, even progressive, which have undergone permanent reduction of working capacity not less than one third or, if less than 18 years, which have persistent difficulties in carrying out the tasks and functions proper to their age.

The minimum level for the qualification of a civil invalid is one third

(33%) of permanent reduction of work capacity

The degree of disability is determined on the basis of a special table approved by the Ministry of Health Decree of 5 February 1992.

They do not belong to the civil invalid:

the war invalids , the disabled workers and disabled servicemen , who are recognized as such as a result of specific causes resulting from war, work performance (on workers) or service (for civil servants and categories assimilated)


Citizens who have residency in the national territory can apply for recognition of invalidity .

They can also apply:

foreign nationals EU nationals legally resident in the State registered at the municipality of residence;

Foreign non-EU citizens legally residing in the territory of the State and holders of the residence permit requirement of at least one year pursuant to art. 41 TU immigration, even without a long-term EC residence permit.


In order to start the process of ascertaining the status of civil invalidity, the interested party must first go to a certified doctor (also the general practitioner) and ask for an introductory medical certificate. The certificate must indicate (in addition to personal data, the tax code) and the health card) the exact nature of the disabling diseases and their diagnosis.

The certificate is written in digital form by the doctor, who then sends it electronically to INPS using the appropriate function on the website;

After transmission of the certificate, the procedure allows the printing of a receipt containing the identification code of the activated procedure. The receipt is given by the doctor to the interested party together with a copy of the original medical certificate that the citizen will have to show at the time of the medical examination.

The introductory medical certificate is valid for 90 days for the purpose of presenting the application for civil invalidity.