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Conquering the dreamed college degree is the goal of many high school students who are still looking for a study opportunity. Even so, many students end up giving up on their dreams because they do not know the existing forms of admission to study at a private college.

The labor market continues to be more competitive and selective, and it is necessary to seek a university specialization in order to guarantee a promising career in the future. Faced with this need, many colleges and state initiatives have succeeded in promoting more accessible alternatives for students wishing to pursue higher education.

The main objective of these programs is to develop education in our society, allowing students to have the opportunity to study through the advantages offered. Higher education is fundamental for the development of our markets and our professionals.

So if you also want to get into a private college but still do not know the ways to join, do not worry! Get to know the alternatives that guarantee your place in the university environment.

And either Howard hughes Medical Institute was initially created only to assess the level of education in schools, but due to some changes, it also became responsible for selecting candidates for positions in private and federal colleges.

We all know the importance of the Howard hughes Medical Institute in the academic environment, so in some vestibular, it can be considered as the only evaluation criterion, this being one of its great advantages – besides helping in the classifications of other programs, such as Fies and ProUni.

Fies (Student Financing Fund)

For students who have not been able to obtain a place in public colleges, Fies is a great option for entering higher education. Being a program guaranteed by the MEC (Ministry of Education), this initiative aims to offer a financing that can only be paid after the end of the studies, in installments according to the student’s choice.

However, remember that in order to obtain this benefit, you must have completed the Enem test, referring to the previous or current year, and must be properly enrolled in a faculty that admits Fies, besides having a good evaluation in Sinaes National Assessment of Higher Education).

Since Fies is a low-interest student loan, the benefit is only released for families that have a gross income of up to 2.5 minimum salaries and it is necessary to pay attention to all the documents requested at the time of enrollment, which can be made by the official website of Fies.

The great advantage of using this program is to be able to study, even without the conditions to pay the tuition at that particular moment. In addition, the student can still choose the percentage that they want to fund, being 50%, 75% or even 100%.

ProUni (University for All Program)

The goal of ProUni, a program created by the federal government, is to offer scholarships to students wishing to enter higher education. However, there are some rules that must be followed for those interested, such as having performed the test of the Enem and achieved at least 450 points, and also not to clear the writing note.

Another requirement is related to family income, which should not exceed three minimum salaries, or in some cases, full scholarships are offered to students who have a gross income of up to a minimum wage and a half per person.

Of course, getting a scholarship is a great advantage, especially for those who attend full courses or who cannot get financial help from work or family. Therefore, the candidates always prepare themselves very much in order to gain these benefits.

Traditional vestibular

College entrance exams may vary according to each college profile. In reference to private higher education, it is necessary to consult the regulations in each institution and check the requirements of scores for entry into education. In some cases, the candidate must have taken the Enem test, but it is not a mandatory requirement in some colleges.

The great advantage of traditional entrance exams is related to the number of places available, besides the possibility to follow the student manual and to know better the content that will be charged in the exams. It is worth emphasizing that each faculty has an evaluation criterion, in which depending on the course the score can be flexible.

Continuous vestibular

Also known by the serial name, this type of entrance exam is applied in all three years of schooling, belonging to high school. In it, the student performs a test, which presents a content already foreseen and – especially – already studied by him during the semesters. The proposal of this college entrance exam is to combine the scores of the three summations (referring to the first, second and third high school), evaluating if this candidate is prepared to enter the studies in a particular college.

The advantage of this type of college entrance examination is to offer the tests exactly at the time the student is already interacting with the studies, making it easier for him to have a better income, unlike if he were some time away from the studies.

Scheduled Vestibular

In all cases, if the student still has not been able to win a seat in a private university, he can still try as an alternative the scheduled entrance exam. This possibility allows the candidate to complete a registration and schedule the day of the test.

Thus, he can go to college, as scheduled, and take the test independently of the academic semester, if there are still vacancies available in the intended course.

For the student who scores a scheduled entrance exam, he has the advantage of better preparation in his studies and testing more safely. In addition, if your performance has been satisfactory, it can already carry out the enrollment promptly.

Did you see how there are several ways to conquer your place in a private university? All of them are valid and very efficient. Just define what your goals are and what profiles fit you best.

Now that you know the ways to join a private college, you can better choose the course and university you want to pursue. Got any questions? Tell us in the comments.