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7 FDA Approved Non-Surgical Knee Pain Treatments in Plano

Frequently becoming a long-term chronic condition that gets ignored, knee pain can make it difficult to get through the day due to limited mobility. This can lead to declined productivity and often frustration. Knee pain can stem from sports injuries, auto accidents, or everyday accidents. Letting this worsen over time often results in the only means of treatment becoming surgical. Additional medication and healing time (often away from work) are some of the hassles of surgery. A better option is to immediately seek consulting from a physical medicine doctor if you are experiencing knee pain. Here are some of our non-surgical options for treatment of knee pain:

1: Orthovisc Knee Therapy:

Cartilage in the knee can decrease over time due to the cushion-like fluid in the knee degenerating, frequently due to aging or a significant knee injury. Often times, people solve this by a drastic move like knee replacement surgery. Avoiding the pain of surgical treatment, there is a new treatment using a naturally occurring substance found in the body that injects a new layer of protection in the knee. Mobility, flexibility, and comfort will be increased as if becomes your new replacement cartilage. Patients often find this more time efficient and comfortable.

2: PRP:

Apex Physical Medicine is one of a select groups of physicians around the country administer Stem Cell treatment, which is a unique alternative to surgical procedures for relief of chronic tendinitis and osteoarthritis pain. Through stem cell injections, this treatment utilizes your body’s repair mechanisms to encourage healing. Stem cells donated form placenta matrix tissues is injected by the physician in to the damaged joint. Because these stem cells come from placenta tissue, there is a very low risk for rejection, and has shown to be successful for the right candidates. This is not a research study or clinical trial.

3: Class 5 Laser (K-Laser Treatment):

Infrared laser therapy treatment reduces pain and inflammation while promoting tissue healing in both soft and hard tissues, in muscles, ligaments, and bones. Micro-circulation is enhanced by assisting additional red blood cells to flow to the area, as well as adding to the venous and lymphatic return from the area. By stimulating the hemoglobin molecule to eliminate oxygen at the site of treatment, oxygenation in those tissues is increased. The cytochrome oxidase enzyme in the cells’ mitochondria is also stimulated by this treatment. Injured cells are focused on because they are more able to accept photons of light, as healthy cells don’t require the extra energy.

4: Knee Bracing:

Knee braces can help reduce osteoarthritis pain, improve mobility, and add to the distance you can comfortably walk by shifting your weight off the most damaged area of your knee. Braces come in many designs, but are generally constructed utilizing both rigid and flexible materials. Plastic or metal is used for basic support and structure, and foam or synthetic rubber is used for positioning and padding. Our highly trained staff will assist you in getting the most effective brace for your condition.

5: Massage:

A study focusing on the effects of massage on knee osteoarthritis has shown that patients reported a decrease in pain and an increase in knee function that receive a 60-minute massage once or twice weekly over two months. Preventative massage increases serotonin, a natural pain reliever that promotes better sleep and reduces anxiety. This can benefit anyone putting stress on knees, joints, or anywhere else.

6: Physical Rehabilitation and/or Therapy:

The muscles and tendons supporting the knee can be weakened to the point they need supervised strengthening if you have had a significant injury, surgery, or long-term pain. We have a highly trained staff that ensure your knee will get stronger through customized, carefully planned treatments keeping you comfortable while you quickly progress back to the optimal you through various strengthening exercises.

7: Medical Pain Relief:

Sometimes the pain you are experiencing becomes too much, for which there are several medical pain relief options. Our staff is extensively trained in diagnosing your specific condition and administering an appropriate relief treatment to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

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