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Are you tired of Low Back Pain slowing you down?
If you’re constantly dealing with chronic low back pain, you know how frustrating and debilitating it can be just performing everyday tasks. Shopping for groceries, goofing off with the family and kids, or even just standing up in the mornings becomes a major hassle. The lower back is a extremely important foundation of the core, which stabilizes the entire body in almost all movements and function. When your core is not in the shape it needs to be, it almost always leads to huge problems in other areas of the body. Taking care of your core, your lower back, is one of the most vital things you can do to get out of pain fast and without a boatload of pharmaceuticals. That’s why it’s all the more important to have a trained medical professional evaluate your symptoms.

There are a number of reasons patients develop low back pain:

    • Damaged, herniated or bulging discs
    • Strained or pulled muscles
    • Sports related injury
    • Heavy lifting with poor form
    • Injury from repetitive daily activity

There are several ways Apex Physical Medicine will treat your low back pain:

Spinal Decompression:
This Chiropractic fundamental technique is especially critical for realigning the vertebrae and taking the damaging pressure off the impacted area. Using a highly specialized table, we can slowly and safely stretch the spine and reduce the pressure, resulting in much better alignment and drastic pain relief. It also encourages the supporting muscles around the spine to better engage the spine after it is realigned, resulting in released muscle tension. This tension can often be the result of the chronic lower back pain. Many patients even report having better posture immediately after the treatment. In addition to realigning the spinal column, it also helps to re-hydrate and re-lubricate the discs since the stretch opens the passage ways along the spine to allow the free flow of essential fluids.

Trigger Point Therapy:
After your discs are re-hydrated via our decompression protocol, we now want to reduce the inflammation in the affected muscles. Deep Tissue Trigger Point Therapy helps to minimize muscle pain and tightness as well as improving the blood flow to affected muscles. This works great in combination with spinal decompression, or as a standalone treatment for other muscle pains and aches. Once this therapy has relieved the muscle tightness and pain, you’ll experience a cascading effect of inflammation reduction and pain relief.

Physical Rehab:
Physical Rehabilitation is important for improving your range of motion as well as your muscular strength. It goes back to the idea of strengthening your core so that the rest of your body is supported. We will develop an individualistic and customized program specifically for your needs. Our state-of-the-art facility will facilitate all of your rehab needs and our medical staff is highly trained to give you the best care.

Sometimes, certain patients need additional support for their back in order for the muscles to properly heal. If the muscles are overly weak, then the spine is not being appropriately supported which will usually result in additional misalignment and more muscle pain. We give a patient an appropriate brace for their particular current state in order to help those muscles and provide the patient with an increaseed level of pain relief and stability.

Our chiropractic services are great for relieving tension in the back by realigning the spine through controlled movements and adjustments.These adjustments help to release essential nutrients and fluids that become blocked over time.Your spine can become misaligned over time or from a significant injury. This can create deep muscle pains or chronic aches in your lower back. Chiropractic adjustments can help to improve blood flow and circulation to the muscles and spine. Many patients make this a regular service.

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