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Erectile Dysfunction

When a man suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) visits their doctor’s office to discuss the problem and hear about solutions, what ED treatments are they likely to be offered?

A prescription of blue pills? Did you know that these pills occasionally have the side effects of sudden hearing loss or sudden vision loss?

Slipping a suppository into the tip of the penis? What about the possible side effects – pain in the testes or bleeding from the urethra?

There are even implants devised to treat sexual dysfunction.

How Does the e-shot-work dallasBut none of these methods help a man’s body function normally and youthfully again. Our Erection Shot (E-Shot) is a natural erectile dysfunction remedy that works with a man’s body to improve the reasons for erection problems. This is the perfect method of male enhancement, one that boosts healing, function and youthfulness, resulting in better sexual performance and enjoyment.

How does the E-shot work?

The E-Shot delivers a concentration of the most powerful healing cells from a patient’s own blood: the platelets. Platelets contain high levels of special growth factors that are vital for the healing of injuries anywhere in the body.

When injected into areas of the penis most associated with male impotence, they provide a strong rejuvenating boost to all tissues in the area. These injections are created using your own blood through a process called Platelet Rich Plasma. (Because the penis is numbed before the injection, there’s very little sensation during the injection.)

These platelets encourage the growth of new blood vessels which improves circulation within the penis. Many men quickly notice an improvement in erections and sexual stamina, and some also notice an increase in length and girth.

To acquire platelets, a sample of the patient’s blood is taken and then processed in a centrifuge. The platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is separated from other components of the blood. It is this PRP injection that provides this healing, rejuvenating boost to a man’s sexual performance.

Improving Male Sexual Dysfunction

PRP injections offer men suffering erection problems a whole new and much more natural erectile dysfunction treatment. It’s finally possible to skip the possible side effects or risks of drugs or surgery and simply help the body heal itself so it can function and feel more like it did when you were young.

How Does the E-shot work DallasWhen your body feels more sensitive and healthy and maintains a firm erection, there’s nothing artificial about your sexual experience. There’s simply a return of sexual stamina, enjoyment and performance. The E-Shot has the additional benefit of reducing prostate discomfort and urinary incontinence.

There are many health issues that may bring about male sexual dysfunction, such as an enlarged prostate, prostate cancer, drug or chemotherapy side effects, diabetes, or surgical side effects. If you are suffering from erection problems, find out how the E-Shot can restore your enjoyment of sexual activity. Please contact Apex Physical Medicine for a free consultation so we can discover if you an excellent candidate for PRP injections for male enhancement.

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