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Hair Loss

Hair loss is an inevitable facet of life that all of us will eventually have to face but at different times and in different ways. For example, one person may face temporary hair loss due to a stressful event in their life while one person may face the permanent hair loss of aging earlier in life because of heredity factors. Hair loss happens when the cycle of hair growth is disrupted and is made permanent when the hair follicle becomes scar tissue. This scar tissue covers the follicle and prevents hair from ever re-growing. Normally, this kind of damage is unhealable and usually treated with surgery. However, these damaged hair follicles may be able to be healed with a medical treatment known as platelet rich plasma.

Hair Loss Causes Dallas, TX

Hair Loss Causes

There are multiple hair loss causes and they can be broken up into two categories: temporary and permanent. Permanent is damaged hair that will not grow back on its own while temporary hair loss can regrow on its own if the cause of hair loss is taken care of. However, temporary hair loss can become permanent if not taken care of. The most common permanent hair loss is heredity hair loss which is the hair loss related to aging. It differs in how it affects each person because it is dependent on each person’s genetics.

Some common temporary hair loss causes are stress, harsh hairstyles and treatments, and medical side effects. Extremely stressful events can cause hair loss but are also one of the most recoverable hair losses. Harsh hairstyles and treatments only start to damage hair if done regularly. The hair damage can become permanent if left unchecked. The side effects of certain medical treatments can also cause temporary hair loss but shouldn’t be permanent as long as the medical treatment isn’t also permanent.

Hair Loss Treatment Dallas, Texas

Hair Loss Treatment

Treating temporary hair loss is as simple as figuring out what is causing your hair loss and dealing with that problem. Permanent hair loss requires actual treatment in order to come back from. Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is such a treatment that can treat permanent hair loss. PRP treatment is an injection that involves taking some of the body’s natural healing abilities and applying them where it’s needed. This is done by taking a sample of the patient’s blood and rapidly spinning it into a plasma which makes a plasma rich in platelets.

Platelets are a part of the body’s first reactions to an injury and kicks healing into action. It’s effective because a large injection of these platelets will rapidly pick up healing or even cause healing in areas that normally wouldn’t such as damaged hair follicles. It’s this healing of damaged hair follicles that can reverse permanent hair loss and allow hair to regrow. PRP injections may be the future of curing hair loss and allow people to naturally regrow hair that once would have been lost forever. All without surgery and using the body’s own healing capabilities in a more optimal way.

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