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Migraine Headaches

Migraines are not just a severe type of headache. There are actually many subtypes of migraines, and we treat each one appropriately. We will diagnose what kind of migraine you have and why it might be occurring, but more importantly, we can treat it effectively.

Migraine Symptoms

Migraine Symptoms

Migraines are an advanced form of headache and often come with additional symptoms and pain. For example, nausea, lightheadedness, and sensitivity to light are common migraine symptoms.

Although the pain is usually localized to the head, migraines can cause an array of problems. Black spots, tingling or numbness on one side of the body, and even difficulty with speech can all be symptoms.

Our doctors take a holistic approach to understanding and defining your specific migraine. We will help identify the source of your pain and provide you with migraine relief.

Migraine Relief Treatment

Regenerative medicine reduces inflammation associated with migraines. One branch of this field is regenerative cell therapy. Stem cells can rejuvenate the body naturally. Although these cells are common in your body, their capacity for healing diminishes as you mature.

Migraine Relief Treatment

In order to enhance your body’s healing ability, we inject mesenchymal stem cells into the site that’s causing pain. Mesenchymal stem cells are young and thus ready to get to work healing your body. These cells come from the Wharton's jelly of umbilical cords and are collected on the day of birth. The mother and baby are monitored during the entire process to ensure their health and safety.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is also part of regenerative medicine. It is all natural and uses your blood platelets to heal damaged tissues. A PRP injection will supply the affected site with added proteins to accelerate your body’s healing process.

Your tension headaches or migraines may be coming from knots in your muscles. An effective treatment for this condition is trigger point injections. We inject a plant-based medicine into the knot to lessen inflammation and reduce pain.

Evaluating your entire nervous system can be essential to understanding and targeting the source of your migraine. Since we are a full-service practice, we also offer patients non-invasive therapies including spinal decompression, chiropractic care, and laser therapy. All of these procedures will focus on reducing inflammation that can cause severe headaches.

We evaluate your physiological needs and work with you to pinpoint what treatment would work best for your migraine relief.

What Causes Migraine Headaches

Unfortunately, a number of things can trigger a migraine attack. For example, stress and muscle pain might lead to a tension headache, and allergies or illness could cause a sinus headache. Track the symptoms you experience and potential stimuli, such as bright lights, that incite your migraines. Identifying the migraine triggers specific to your body is important; neglecting them can be a significant barrier to getting better.

Tell us what kind of pain you’re experiencing, and we narrow down the types of migraine you might have. As we get to know you, we will design a migraine treatment program to help you manage your pain.

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