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Neck Pain

Neck pain can cause discomfort, limit mobility, and interfere with your life. Whether it’s neck tightness, cervical pain or frequent headaches, you shouldn’t accept that you’ll be in pain forever. We don’t let our patients suffer from neck pain. That’s why we offer the most advanced treatments to get rid of your neck pain for good.

Neck Pain Relief Plano

Neck Pain Relief

The neck is complex and contains vertebrae that connect the brain to the rest of the body. Movement and flexibility in the neck are necessary so that the rest of the body can perform at an optimal level.

Instead of masking neck pain with prescriptions, we offer regenerative medicine options for long-lasting neck pain relief.

Cell Therapy

Cell therapy accelerates your body’s healing process. Your body is naturally equipped with stem cells that specialize into whatever your body needs: more blood cells, new muscle cells to heal a tear, and so on.

Unfortunately, stem cells decrease in their ability to heal as early as your 30s. In order to amplify your body’s healing ability, we inject patients with healthy mesenchymal stem cells that were donated through umbilical allografts. These mesenchymal stem cells quickly get to work at the site of your neck pain, transforming into the cells you need to restore healthy function.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy

A PRP injection is created after taking a blood sample and isolating the platelets. The injection contains a high volume of proteins and growth factors. PRP gives your body a boost of healing agents to repair damaged tissues that are causing your neck pain.

Severe Neck Pain Treatment Dallas

Severe Neck Pain Treatment

For severe neck pain treatment, we offer more treatment options in addition to regenerative medicine.

Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression is a simple procedure that will stretch your spine and return the natural spacing between vertebrae. Spinal decompression is especially effective for neck pain, treating the cervical segment of the spine.

Neck pain is often the result of a disc being out of its natural position and pressing on nerves that run the length of your spinal column and communicate with your extremities. We strive to provide our clients with holistic healing. And when we decompress the spine, tension on these nerves will be released, which will relieve not only the pain in your neck but likely other areas of the body as well.

Chiropractic Care

During chiropractic treatment, we manipulate your body with physical adjustments so that you regain full mobility and are relieved of pressure on your nervous system. We correct your posture in order for you to manage the demands of your daily life.

Trigger Point Injection

Your neck pain may be the result of severe muscular knots. We will examine your body and identify the trigger point that is radiating pain to your neck. In that area, we inject an anti-inflammatory agent. This treatment soothes your neck pain for several weeks.

Neck Pain Causes

Since the neck is where blood vessels connect from your head to your body, any tightness can cause spasms in arteries around the nerves of the neck and head. Muscle strain, pinched nerves, injury, and trauma can all contribute to neck pain.

Many patients want to avoid risky and invasive procedures, and that’s why they come to us. Our doctors focus on the individual and on natural solutions. We listen to your unique symptoms and history to diagnose and treat your neck pain.

Don’t allow persistent neck pain to limit your professional and personal goals. Contact us today for your free consultation.

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