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Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can limit your flexibility and stop you from moving your torso, arms, or neck freely. Your everyday activities can be challenging when you have a sore shoulder or sharp shoulder pain from a persistent injury. We treat patients with shoulder pain regularly and will learn your history of injuries to determine the most suitable treatments for you.

Shoulder Pain Relief

Shoulder Pain Relief

Since shoulder problems can be incredibly disruptive to your mobility, you need shoulder pain relief as soon as possible. Your body may already be hard at work trying to relieve your pain by adapting to the limitation or attempting to heal damaged tissues. You shouldn’t accept the issue as part of your life, and your body’s healing ability isn’t as strong as it used to be.

Specialized stem cells in your body have the ability to repair cells that are affected by shoulder injuries. Unfortunately, the activity of stem cells reduces as we age.

Our stem cell injections are composed of mesenchymal stem cells. These cells are derived from the Wharton's jelly contained in umbilical cords and obtained through safe umbilical allografts. These cells are way more effective at healing because they are young, healthy, and active. When injected into the site of your shoulder pain or shoulder injury, the cells will get started repairing and regenerating tissue.

Pinched Nerve In Shoulder

Pinched Nerve in Shoulder

A pinched nerve in the shoulder happens when bones, disc protrusions, or swollen tissues put pressure on the nerves extending from the spine toward the neck and shoulder. Damage can occur from compressing, constricting, or overstretching the nerve.

The pain from a pinched nerve may come and go, but a lingering issue shouldn’t be overlooked. Shoulder pain causes will be unique to your body and lifestyle, so our doctors will listen to the details of your lifestyle, daily activities, history of shoulder pain or injury and then give you the correct diagnosis. We will design a plan to treat your shoulder pain in the most useful way.

Shoulder Joint Pain Treatment

We offer a variety of shoulder joint pain treatments, in addition to regenerative cell therapy. We want to help our patients recover naturally and see long-term relief, without the need for risky surgery or dangerous pain medication.

Another aspect of regenerative medicine is platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy. Our PRP treatments involve injecting a high concentration of your own blood platelets into your shoulder injury. The affected area will receive an influx of healing proteins to accelerate your body’s recovery. The injection also signals stem cells to help repair damage.

For pain that is radiating from muscle tightness, you might want to try trigger point injections. We inject a plant-based medicinal solution into the site that’s causing pain so that inflammation is reduced, allowing blood and other essential fluids to access the area. During this period of relief, our doctors can work with you on a plan for long-term recovery.

Chiropractic care provides patients with hands-on treatment. Our chiropractors improve the function of the shoulder joint and nervous system by manipulating your body structure. After increasing shoulder mobility and functionality of your nervous system, you will be able to resume your normal life.

Laser therapy is another non-invasive option that we offer. We expose damaged tissue to low levels of red and near-infrared light so that it can stimulate your body’s natural responses to reduce inflammation and improve circulation. As your body relaxes and pumps more blood to affected areas, you will heal from and experience less shoulder pain

Whatever causes your shoulder pain, it’s important to talk to the experts. We not only identify your shoulder pain but also work with you to find the most effective shoulder pain treatment that will give you long-lasting results.

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