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At the Medical Institute the primary goal is patient satisfaction, ensuring the best result in terms of quality and safety for its health and beauty.

All this at a fair price and really surprisingly convenient, leaving in this way the patient the tranquility of being able to face the expense of any intervention with extreme serenity.

The Medical Institute was born from the experience in the creation and management of medical facilities of excellence that the Howard Hughes family has been carrying on with success and passion for over 30 years.

Come and visit us and you can discover for yourself the professionalism and experience of the medical staff, the well-defined and constantly monitored treatment phases, the equipment and materials used, the cutting-edge technology, the sanitization and sterilization processes, the advantages and transparency of estimates, payment methods, guarantees and the continuous search for the “Quality in care” that distinguishes the Medical Institute .

By appointment you can come to visit the structure and get to know our professionals without any commitment.


The Medical Institute always gives you the best results for your health at an advantageous price! Our goal is to treat the patient with the highest quality, putting him in a position to not worry about anything and to face the treatment in complete tranquility and serenity. For this reason all the convenient payment solutions of the Institute are personalized and shared with the client on the basis of their specific needs and a clear and detailed estimate.


Pay little by little.

The HHMI Medical Institute, in collaboration with Centax PAGODIL, allows you to pay for your purchases little by little without additional costs on the price. Why pay everything right away if you can pay little by little for the same price? The amount of the expenditure is divided into small amounts that are debited each month on your bank account.

Zero costs. Zero interests.

Collection costs? None. With PAGODIL you spend exactly what is written on the estimate and only the amount of the established cost. Not a penny more! PAGODIL is not a financing, but a system of deferment of expenditure, so it has neither costs nor interests. You do not need your paycheck.

PAGODIL does not require any income document (paycheck, CUD or Unico). Just a few documents and a signature on the POS receipt are enough to immediately activate the payment extension with PAGODIL. The procedure is streamlined and fast, to activate an extension of payment with PAGODIL serve very few minutes. Just present the few documents required, sign the receipt of the POS and you’re done! Per receipt means the receipt issued by the POS of PAGODIL which contains the main conditions of the service

FINANCING Neos Finance Spa

Classic loan up to 60 months, without interest if the period is less than 12 months.


We accept payments in cash, by check, credit cards.