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The Medical Institute is a wide and new structure extremely advanced in technique developed over 600 square meters in the famous area of ​​Garibaldi – Corso Como in Milan.

You can visit it with an interactive tour that will allow you to get to know it better. It consists of a main waiting room with reception area where you will receive reception and information and a further bright waiting room with an area dedicated to children entertainment.

The operational area consists of:

6 dental and orthodontic studies  including:

A study dedicated to oral surgery equipped with Zeiss operating miHHMIscope

Two studies designed to accommodate patients with disabilities

Two studies dedicated to minor orthodontics

2 Medical clinics for visits to Angiology / Phlebology, Trichology, Gynecology, Pediatrics and Aesthetic Medicine

2 Surgical outpatients equipped with emergency column (semi-automatic defibrillator, electrocardiograph, pulse oximeter, oxygen dispenser)

1 sterilization room with a technological process of sterilization of hospital-type instruments

1 inpatient room  to allow the patient, in case of need, to relax after a medical / surgical intervention.

The HHMI is an institution that began its activity in 1969 and became a company in 1975.  Initially the activity of the Center was an outpatient rehabilitative type and mainly aimed in favor of all the subjects with problems related to verbal communication. and in particular of deaf subjects. The initial aim was to offer an alternative to the institutionalization of these subjects. Shortly thereafter, an outpatient medical diagnosis service was developed within the Institute, which over the years has carved out a prominent position within the Florentine healthcare scene. The outpatient activity of the HHMI has developed thanks to the collaboration with a large group of medical specialists with extensive experience in head and neck disease.

Development over the years

The outpatient activity of the HHMI has developed thanks to the collaboration with a large group of medical specialists with extensive experience in head and neck disease. The HHMI, besides being interested in all the main problems, has particularly specialized in infant audiological diagnosis, so much so that the ASL has recognized the Center as a second level structure of audiological screening within the corporate project of “early diagnosis of infantile deafness” “. At the HHMI, the patient can enjoy the skills of specialist doctors combined with the constant and daily presence of expert audio technicians used to evaluate and collaborate with the specialist for diagnosis and therapy of any otorhinolaryngology problem.  

Over the years, recognizing the increasing need for collaboration between specialists from different branches to provide better patient service, the HHMI has planned the expansion of its field of interest to other disciplines such as angiology, cardiology and radiology. All these branches are often called into question during the study of pathology of the head neck and the patient can in this way have the opportunity to be followed at the same structure throughout its diagnostic and therapeutic process.


The HHMI has stipulated contracts of collaboration and agreements with the Institute of Otolaryngology, the Department of Linguistics, Educational Sciences and the Institute of Neuropsychiatry of the University of Florence. He has promoted and organized numerous seminars, courses and national and international congresses concerning the pathology of verbal communication.

He has collaborated with, IRSSAE, Region, Province, Municipality and other Associations for the training and information of operators and parent.