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Working behind a computer day-after-day can cause tension headaches and neck pain. Unfortunately, working for hours at a job may allow the opportunity to make a living but the cost could afford you persistent pain – particularly those tension headaches.

Poor posture may cause neck curvatures because of the head pushed forward – ahead of the body – which will reduce or reverse the normal neck curve. This type of bad posture will cause headaches. Of course, any activity that pushes the head in a forward position may cause strain. This includes slouching while sitting or sleeping in unusual positions.

Tension Headaches and Neck Pain
To lessen or reverse neck curvature, a natural approach should be considered. Pain pills may prove to be a good treatment in some cases or for temporary relief. However, there are options that do not require a dependency on drugs – even prescription drug use may have a detrimental effect on the body, especially with long-term use.

Many patients can testify that chiropractic adjustments alleviate headaches almost immediately. Chiropractors that take natural approaches may also suggest nutritional modifications that include taking Vitamin B.

Triggers That Cause Tension Headaches

Foods, lights or sounds contribute to some headaches. A good strategy is to be aware when the pain begins and keep a diary of food intake and the surrounding events when headaches occur.

Basic Recommend Steps

  • Take a break around every 20 minutes. This includes standing up and walking around to rest the entire body, particularly your back, neck and eyes.
  • Sit upright and avoid slumping, looking straight ahead. Ideally, the screen should be in the middle and slightly above eye level. This may seem contrary to what is generally accepted but it will help the neck and head preventing tension headaches.
  • Feet should be on the floor in front, using a foot stool, if necessary. Thighs should be at a ninety-degree or greater level.
  • A headset for the phone may help prevent additional strain on the neck.
  • Get adequate amount of exercise.
  • Do breathing exercises
  • Drink plenty of water

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