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You may have seen reports on the effectiveness of platelet-rich plasma injections, but did you know that they have applications beyond assisting with cosmetic issues like wrinkles and joint pain? The all-natural medical technology actually has a number of tremendously impactful uses, including addressing urinary incontinence.

Here’s how it works: the doctor and the team remove platelets from the patient’s own blood. They use a centrifuge to create a concentrated solution of these powerful cells, whose healing properties allow them to directly impact damaged tissue. The healing factors, cytokines and amino acids present in the PRP, when injected into problem areas, can go right to work renewing and regrowing damaged tissue. This includes the weakened muscle and nerve tissue that leads to the problem of incontinence.

PRP Injections for Sexual Dysfunction Plano, TXThe benefit of PRP injections over other more invasive treatments is that it uses your own blood. This precludes the problem of rejection or autoimmune responses that limit the effectiveness of the treatment. Additionally, the recovery time and side-effects are much less in the case of PRP injections, since there is no invasive surgical procedure to contend with or artificial chemicals introduced into the body.

Beyond the exercises and lifestyle choices that can impact health and reduce the problem of incontinence, patients can try targeted PRP injections to actually repair the tissues that are causing the problem to begin with. Contrast this with a dependence on more invasive or artificial means.

PRP Injections for Sexual Dysfunction

Beyond incontinence, are there other applications for PRP injections that can help patients lead more full, happy lives? The answer, unsurprisingly, is “yes.” Much in the same way that PRP injections can address other damaged tissue concerns in the body, the injections can be used to address the root causes of female sexual dysfunction. If you suffer from vaginal dryness or incontinence, or if there has been muscle and nerve damage in the vaginal area, enjoyment of and the ability to participate in penetrative sexual intercourse and other activities can be impeded and women can lose the ability to reach an orgasm. The healing factors in the injection target the labia and increase sensitivity in the clitoris and G-spot. This can make it easier for women to achieve climax and fully enjoy the sexual experience.

Studies on Platelet-Rich Plasma

Have there been clinical trials or studies on the efficacy of using PRP injections to treat incontinence and sexual dysfunction? Come to find, there are several. Natural medicine approaches have garnered a lot of mainstream attention as of late, bringing the idea of renewing damaged tissue through natural means to the forefront.

Recently, in the journal Clinical and Experimental Reproductive Medicine, a wide-ranging study looked at just that: the effectiveness of using targeted PRP injections in the field of gynecology. In cases of cervical ectopy, vulvar dystrophy and urogenital disorders, results were quite promising.The study also concluded that the treatment was effective for contributing to vaginal rejuvenation and increasing the female arousal response, lubrication, and likelihood of orgasm.

Another study published in the Journal of Women’s Health Care noted similar outcomes, with notable results posted in a reduction of the participants’ scores on the Female Sexual Distress Scale after receiving the injections. This empirical evidence definitely confirms that in coming years, women may find relief from sexual dysfunction and incontinence if they use PRP injections in a targeted way to impact these problems.

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